B3LLA Piano Trio

music that inspires

BELLA's MISSION is to connect people to themselves, each other, and their communities through professional live music performances of the highest standards, reflecting shared human emotions and experiences.  BELLA sees their role as artists as inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to cherish the beauty in themselves and others.

BELLA is committed to being socially responsible and engaged artists in their community.  Towards this end, they donate a portion of all of their donations to non-profit community organizations, including those dedicated to helping people and families affected by breast cancer.


3 JULY 2011, 11am/ Recital
St. Lawrence String Quartet Chamber Music Seminar
Finale Concert
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

24 JUNE - 3 JULY 2011 St. Lawrence String Quartet Chamber Music Seminar

21 MAY 2011, 8pm/ Recital
Piedmont Piano Concert Series, Oakland, CA

14 MAY 2011, 7pm/ Salon
Hosted by the Krause's, San Francisco, CA

25 MARCH 2011, 8pm/ Recital
ProArts Gallery Oakland, CA

15 MARCH 2011, 4 pm/ Recording Session
Hosted by Ex'pressions College for the Digital Arts, CA

19 FEBRUARY 2011, 7pm/ Master Class
Hosted by the Nobilis Trio, San Jose, CA

29 JANUARY 2011, 7pm/ Recital
Invited by the California Lawyers for the Arts, Emeryville, CA

4 DECEMBER 2010, 7pm/ Recital
Hosted by Maria Ogrydziak Architecture (MOA), Davis, CA

30 NOVEMBER 2010, 7pm/ Salon
Hosted by The Findley's, San Francisco, CA