B3LLA Piano Trio

music that inspires

BELLA's MISSION is to connect people to themselves, each other, and their communities through professional live music performances of the highest standards, reflecting shared human emotions and experiences.  BELLA sees their role as artists as inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to cherish the beauty in themselves and others.

BELLA is committed to being socially responsible and engaged artists in their community.  Towards this end, they donate a portion of all of their donations to non-profit community organizations, including those dedicated to helping people and families affected by breast cancer.

Beethoven's "Archduke" Trio

We're getting ready for the first performance of our interpretation of Beethoven's 7th trio, nicknamed the "Archduke."  If you already love this trio, Cheers!  If you have no idea what we're talking about ... hold on to your seats - it's epic!

This trio is perfect.  It's immensely gratifying, serious, silly, and provocative while being both symphonic and delicate.  Not unlike a classic Radiohead album (OK Computer comes to mind...as the great author Haruki Murakami who frequently quotes both Beethoven and Radiohead in the same paragraph might muse...).  It's about 35 minutes long, and has 4 movements.  The first movement is regal, and grand to begin with, and develops into something cunning and coy, before finishishing with a flourish.  The second movement is a mix of a kind of giddy march with a really serious, strange trio section in the middle - full of chromatics and weird polonaise rhythms.  The third movement is the soul of the piece - horribly profound, hauntingly beautiful and inspirationally provocative.  It is at once dark and somber and bright and hopeful.  Uplifting, spiritual and deep.  The final movement is an all out celebration.  A huge jolly party that ends with a bang.  

Sound like fun?  Well, it is.  So, be sure to come hear it live -  March 23rd at the SF Conservatory, or March 31st in Berkeley at the Trinity Chapel!